Building Inspection

​Building Inspection

​Congratulations on your decision to build a new structure in Mercer County or Harrodsburg. The Building Inspector and Planning Commission work in conjunction to provide “one-stop shopping” to make the process as simple as possible. Before making your application there are several items you will need to provide to us before we can issue building /zoning permits.

The office of the Mercer County Building Inspector is located in the Planning & Zoning Commission offices in City Hall in Harrodsburg. Office hours are 8 am - 12 pm and 1 pm - 4:30 pm. Permits and construction plan reviews are normally conducted and issued in the mornings. Field inspections are performed in the afternoons.

Required Items to Obtain a Building Permit
Here is a list of required items for all projects:

Copy of deed or ownership to the property.
Construction Plans of project
Copy of signed truss plans
Building Information Sheet from PVA.
Copy of approved Subdivision Plat or Site Plan for project. (if available)
Certificate of Insurance if you are a Contractor
Affidavit of Exemption (provided by staff)​

If the project is within the City of Harrodsburg, you will also need:
Copy of paid sewer & water tap fees.(provided prior to Final Inspection)
Contractors within the city limits shall provide a copy of their city business license.

If the project is outside the city limits of Harrodsburg, you will also need:
Copy of the Septic Evaluation provided by the Mercer County Health Department.

Permitting and Inspection Procedures
The permitting process begins in the office of the Planning Commission. Setbacks, use and placement is verified by commission staff. The permit is immediately forwarded to the building inspector who performs construction plan and flood plain review with the applicant or property owner. Upon completion, the building inspector will approve the permit and a laminated Building Permit will be issued which shall be posted on the property in a manner that may be seen from the road. If the construction is determined to be within a flood plain, special permits must be obtained from the state Division of Water before the building permit will be issued.

Inspection Procedures
A series of inspections may be performed by the building inspector and zoning enforcement officer during the construction phases of your project. The zoning inspections consist of a preliminary inspection to ensure compliance with setbacks and a final inspection to verify use and size. These two inspections are performed by the zoning enforcement office of the planning commission and require no appointments. If you are unsure that placement of your structure might result in an encroachment of the setbacks, you may call and request the enforcement officer meet you on site to perform this initial inspection.

Required Building Inspections
  1. Footer Inspection
  2. Foundation Inspection
  3. Framing Inspection
  4. Insulation Inspection
  5. Final Building Inspection
Notes on Various Inspections
  1. Footers should be excavated to the bottom of the local frost depth (24”) below finished grade and formed with steel reinforcing in place, prior to inspection. This inspection is required before any wood goes onto the foundation.
  2. Plumbing inspections are performed on Tuesdays only and separate fees apply.
  3. Framing Inspection shall occur after the rough in Plumbing, electrical and all pipes, ducts, vents and HVAC equipment is installed and BEFORE installing the drywall and insulation. (SEE HVAC page for detailed info)
  4. Insulation inspection shall be required prior to installation of the drywall.
  5. Once the final plumbing, electrical, and or septic inspections have been performed, the final inspection for the Certificate of Occupancy may be scheduled.
  6. After completing all the required inspections, the building inspector will send out the Certificate of Occupancy.

Notes on Scheduling Inspections
Please try and provide as much lead time as possible for scheduling your inspections. When you contact the office for scheduling, we will need your name, site location address and permit number to schedule your inspections. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us using the telephone numbers listed on the back of this brochure.

Addressing for E-911
The building inspector is also responsible for addressing of undeveloped parcels for the entire county. Addressing a parcel of land is more than simply assigning a number to the tract. Because of the need for emergency responders to be able to locate you in the event of an emergency, addressing has taken on a whole new meaning. Everything is driven by GPS coordinates and subsequently there are requirements which must be met before an address can be issued. Please contact the building inspector to go over the requirements. To obtain an address, click the Address Request Form.

What types of structures require permits?
The zoning ordinances & building code require a building permit for virtually all structures that are placed or erected on a piece of property within Mercer County & Harrodsburg. These would include: homes, duplexes, multifamily buildings, manufactured homes, commercial structures, additions, decks, porches, garages, boat docks, gazebos, sun rooms, in-ground pools, renovations, changes in occupancy classifications, and accessory structures larger than 200​ square feet, etc.

What types of structures are exempt from permits?
Structures that would be classified as exempt would include: concrete patios, driveways, & fences (under 6 in height).  Additionally structures used for agricultural purposes in agriculturally zoned districts on more than 10 acres of land. (This exemption does not include the principal dwelling on a 10 acre or larger tract of land)

What's the difference between local and state plan review?
Most of the time, the permit required is determined by either occupancy load or square footage. Evaluation of jurisdiction can be made with the local building inspectors review of the proposed project. Contact this office for further information. A zoning permit is required regardless of local or state permitting jurisdiction. ​

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