Transfer Station

The Mercer County Transfer Station is located at the Convenience Center on Moberly Road. Contractors and individuals can bring household garbage and building materials directly to the transfer station. There is a charge for the service depending on the type and amount of trash delivered. 
Transfer Station Fees
The following fees will be charged for all trash and other solid waste materials effective February 15, 2016:
Unit Price
Solid Waste  ​$0.0270
Minimum Waste ​​$6.00
Trash Bag (1)  ​$4.00
Tires 13"-16"  $3.00
Tires 13"-16" (With Rim)  ​$4.00
Tires 16.5" - 24.5"  ​$9.00
Tires 16.5" - 24.5" (With Rim) ​$13.00
Rear Tractor, Backhoe ​$14.00
Rear Tractor, Backhoe (With Rim) ​$20.00
Motorcycle, Lawn or ATV Tire ​$3.00
Motorcycle, Lawn or ATV Tire (with Rim) ​$4.00
Solid Waste - 222lbs or Below ​$6.00 Minimum Charge
Solid Waste - 223lbs. or greater ​$0.0270 per Lb.
Solid Waste ​$54.00 per ton
There will continue to be no charge for recyclables, white goods, metal fencing, computers, metal and brush for Mercer County residents. Fees paid by check need to be made payable to the Mercer County Fiscal Court.

We appreciate your continued support in order that we can provide a convenient location for your trash and solid waste items.

Approved by Mercer County Fiscal Court on February 9, 2016
​902 Moberly Rd.
Harrodsburg, KY 40330
(859) 734-6395
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:00pm
8:00am - 11:30am
Transfer Station