Fire Protection Board

​Fire Protection Board

The Mercer County Fire Protection District, a KRS Chapter 75 taxing district, was organized in 1986 and is governed by a seven-member Board of Trustees.  The District operates eight​ fire stations and two satelite stations, strategically located throughout the county to maximize coverage and response times.  When first formed, the District operated county fire stations located in Burgin, Cornishville, Harrodsburg and Salvisa.  Over the years, the District has added fire stations near the communities of Dixville, Terrapin, McAfee and Shaker Village.  At present, we have approximately 110 volunteer firefighters.  In addition to providing essential firefighting services, our members also respond to vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, complex and high-angle rescues and hazardous materials spills.  Combined, the annual run volume approaches 700 incident responses per year.  The District also operates the Fire Safety House and is involved in educating students at local schools in fire prevention and safety. 

District Chiefs:

  Station 3: Cornishville,  William Gasper

  Station 4: Salvisa, David Goodlett

  Station 5: Central, Steve Pinkston  

  Station 6: Burgin,  Lewis Sexton

  Station 9: Terrapin, William McFerron

  Station 11: Dixville,  David Best

  Station 12: McAfee, Chris Goodlett

  Station 13: Shakertown, Scott Hammon

Contact Us:

    Chief Glenn Phillips 


    Deputy Chief Ric Maxfield


   Board Chairman               
   Steve Bailey              
   (859) 748-9247​

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