Ethics Boards

​Ethics Board

The Ethics Board was created by Ordinance in a joint agreement with Harrodsburg, Burgin and Mercer County in September 1994. The Boards purpose is to provide a method of assuring that standards of ethical conduct and financial disclosure requirements for officers and employees of the Legislative Bodies shall be clearly established, uniform in their application, and enforceable, and to provide the officers and employees of the Legislative Bodies with advice and information concerning potential conflicts of interest which might arise in the conduct of their public duties.

The board consists of seven (7) members. One (1) alternate member is also appointed by the executive authority of the Legislative Bodies to repr​esent a member who c​annot serve due to ethical conflicts with items that are presented to the board for opinion. Three (3) members are appointed from both the County and Harrodsburg and one (1) member is appointed by Burgin. The alternate is appointed by the County on an annual basis.

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