Zoning Maps

City & County Zoning Maps

Below you will find copies of the city and county zoning maps. They are provided as a general reference and should not be relied upon to verify zoning. Please feel free to use these keeping in mind that official zoning determinations should be made by contacting the staff of the planning commission. Contact information is listed on the​ right side of the page. 

Note: The City of Burgin, KY does not participate in the joint planning operations of the Commission and as a result, there are no zoning ordinances or maps for properties that reside physically within the city limits. 

City of Harrodsburg Zoning Map

Mercer County Zoning Maps

There are 29 maps plus a master county map for Mercer County. To determine which map is the right one to view, click​ on the map titled "Cover". It is a master map that will show the various map grids. From there you can select the map you wish to view from the list below.